Follow Cameron Stevens demonstrate how companies are using the latest in assisted reality technology on a mine site in Kalgoorlie.

Currently we are using RealWear devices to allow an experienced assessor residing in Adelaide, assess students in Tamworth NSW. In this capacity, we are using headsets as a surrogate for a Response trainer doing the assessment. The headset is worn by the student, giving our assessor a first person point of view of what the student is seeing and doing.  This reduces cost and time for both companies and ensures that assessment of skills development can happen regardless of any restrictions.

Response Learning is one of the first Australian Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) who are using RealWear Headsets to augment and support training and assessment delivery.

As an official partner of RealWear, Response can provide your Australian business and frontline workers with the RealWear Navigator 500. The Navigator 500 is the next iteration of the highly successful HMT-1 which is a world-first hands-free assisted reality innovation designed for front-line workers. It’s the perfect solution for video mentoring and training, guided workflow, IoT data visualisation, and more. Plus, you get to look uber cool while wearing it.

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Please contact me to arrange a free consultation and test in your workplace. Or to discuss how we can leverage this technology for your business.

Paul Eldridge

Paul Eldridge

Paul’s key strength is his ability to think strategically, map out future states and design business models that cleverly leverage technology to build growth in a sustainable and profitable way. As the Response Director of Strategy and Business Development, Paul is responsible for helping to shape the future direction of the business.

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