Response Learning

Response Learning is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 30879) which has been operating for almost 20 years and is part of Response Group International and its subsidiaries.

Since January 2003, Response Learning has been providing a comprehensive range of courses including Non-Accredited programs, Nationally Recognised Qualifications and Skill Sets designed to meet the changing needs of a growing range of industries.

Working primarily in a Business-to-Business environment, we have designed and delivered courses to upskill staff from the ‘shopfloor’ all the way up to Executive Leadership Teams across a range of vocations.

Drawing from our expertise in Systems Leadership (SL), industry knowledge and the outcomes of our Research driven programs, we have assisted clients to significantly enhance their internal people capabilities to drive enhanced people performance and in turn have positive impacts on revenue, profit, culture, staff retention and innovation.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to support the development of organisational and human capability through the effective development of people and work processes.

How We Work

We believe that an organisation’s strategy, structure, systems and culture can and should be designed to take full advantage of its employees’ skills, abilities and potential. To this end, we work closely with clients to identify ways of enhancing the capacity of their people to effectively contribute to achieving their own and the organisation’s goals.

We prefer to work in long-term relationships where we are familiar with our client organisations and in turn their understanding of our capabilities. We believe this allows us, while not being entrenched in the day-to-day intricacies of our clients’ operations, to have a good working knowledge of how they function.

Our team of facilitators and consultants work in diverse fields including business strategy, structure and systems, formal training and development, cultural change, team building, and individual mentoring and coaching.  We are capable of supplying highly targeted solutions as well as larger projects requiring services across several disciplines.

Industry Experience

  • Mining – We have worked with a number of the worlds leading mining companies in Australia, Africa, North and South America
  • Government – We have worked with State and Federal government agencies to develop and delivery highly tailored leadership and management training programs across Australia
  • Meat Processing – An area of specialisation, we work with Meat Processors, large and small, to deliver training programs designed to develop their people capabilities and to support their business objectives
  • Finance – With institutional clients across the financial industry, we deliver transformational leadership programs designed to meet their requirements
  • Agriculture – A recent, yet fast growing area where through developing partnerships with industry bodies and companies up and down the supply chain, we’re developing and delivering a growing range of specialised programs to meet the challenges of this industry both in Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific region

Our program offerings include:

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