482 Assessment Service

At Response Group, we specialise in providing unparalleled skills assessment services tailored to the meat processing industry’s unique needs. Our suite of 482 Assessment Services ensures that companies recruiting 482 workers or requiring in-country assessments in The Philippines receive comprehensive, robust evaluations designed to meet the stringent requirements set by the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA). Discover our specialised offerings: Onshore (In Australia), Offshore (In Country Assessment), and Offshore (Real-Time Video Based Assessment).


Offshore (In Country Assessment) – The Philippines

Recognising the global landscape of talent, Response extends its services beyond borders to offer in-country assessments within The Philippines. This service stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence, providing on-site evaluations by our elite MINTRAC registered assessors. Praised by the Department of Home Affairs for its integrity, this approach ensures a seamless alignment with your strategic talent objectives.

Executive Features:

  • Precision-driven skills assessment, ensuring alignment with corporate objectives.
  • Advanced real-time assessment capabilities, supported by our proprietary online platform.
  • Strategic issuance of UIN commensurate letters, facilitating smooth talent integration.

Investment Overview:

  • Investment per Candidate: A structured investment model, starting at $1,300.00 + GST

482 Assessment Service – Onshore (In Australia)

For leaders seeking an efficient, domestically-focused solution, our onshore service offers a comprehensive assessment process managed by our team of accredited professionals. This service is a cornerstone for companies aiming to streamline their recruitment process while maintaining compliance with DoHA standards.

Executive Features:

  • Custom-tailored assessment processes, designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing recruitment strategy.
  • Proprietary online training and assessment platform, ensuring a high standard of candidate evaluation.

Investment Overview:

  • Mirroring our offshore service to ensure consistency in your investment and outcomes.

Offshore (Real-Time Video Based Assessment)

Innovation at its finest—our real-time video-based assessments connect our Philippine-based team with our Australian assessors, offering a flexible and efficient alternative to traditional methods. This option is ideal for leaders navigating the complexities of global recruitment, ensuring no compromise on assessment integrity.


Executive Features:

  • Cutting-edge, real-time assessment technology, offering a flexible solution to traditional assessment challenges.
  • An optional validation service, providing an additional layer of verification and peace of mind.

Investment Overview:

  • Cost-effective solutions for global talent assessment challenges.

Investment per Candidate: A progressive pricing model tailored to meet the needs of varying group sizes.

Why Partner with Response?

At Response, we understand the critical role talent plays in sustaining and enhancing your competitive edge. Our 482 Assessment Services are more than just compliance tools; they are a strategic investment in your company’s future, designed to align with your high standards and strategic vision.

For a consultation or to initiate a partnership, please reach out to our team. Partner with Response, where excellence in talent assessment meets strategic business insight.