Culture Audit

As part of understanding the current cultural reality at various stages in the project a culture (Systems, Symbols and Behaviour) review can be undertaken. This is a process focused around semi-structured interviews with individuals and small groups (dependent on role) looking to examine and understand their view of their work and the culture in which they believe they operate.

Questions can be tailored depending on specific points of interest to the organisation however, generally speaking, areas such as clarity of work, ease of working effectively and constructively, systems, safety, leadership, behavioural issues, labour relations and symbols are focused on.

Rich data is acquired with respect to people’s mythologies about the leaders in the organisation and with this the things which they perceived to be the drivers of these views. These systems, symbols and behaviours can then be used by the organisation as part of their planning for continuing cultural development.

Output from such a review can take different forms dependent on the organisation’s requirement. However, at a minimum a presentation is given to site management as a basis for them to form a plan to address issues.

Again, this is a process which has been undertaken across multiple organisations and countries and provides rich, qualitative data about mythologies and cultural drivers.

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