RealWear is an Android ‘tablet class’ wearable computer and the world-first hands-free Assisted Reality (aR), innovation specifically designed for frontline workers. The RealWear Navigator 500 wearable headset connects the modern frontline worker with digital information in harsh, noisy and stressful environments.

Our team at Optivly have partnered with RealWear to design, develop and deploy a range of digital solutions to assist your frontline workers improve their productivity, safety and skills.

Easily and securely attaching to safety helmets and bump caps it provides an amazing hands-free experience. With a high-definition micro-display fitting in your direct line of sight, this device uses powerful assisted reality software to support your team’s work including digital workflows, remote collaboration and data visualisation.

RealWear’s Navigator 500 is the perfect solution for video mentoring and training, visualisation of work instructions in addition to responding to voice-activated commands.

Optivly’s team have cleverly incorporated the use of the Navigator 500 into training delivery and on-the-job assessment. Training has been developed to enable an instructor to in a remote location to be able to provide audio and video instructions to a student operating on the job.

The capability to show students digital assessment instructions and requirements while on-the-job, it’s inbuilt connection to the Internet, camera and voice recording allows students to remotely undertake assessment while streaming video and voice directly to an assessor for immediate review, all of which can then be saved to the student’s file.

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