Agricultural Research

Tackle complex agricultural challenges and enhance productivity based on data-driven recommendations and innovative solutions.

Create impactful change with quality technical, commercial and social research.

Benchmark Performance

Benchmark your performance against industry Best Management Practice and enhance productivity.

Maximise Efficiency

Enhance efficiency, affordability, accessibility and reduce losses and waste with trial and adoption of technology.

Build Capability

Improve business, family and staff culture and build capability through accredited and non-accredited training.

Export Products

Optimise products, establish logistics, meet compliance and manage cold transport supply chain.


Benefit from our integrated approach, diverse skills and multi-industry experience.
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Food Supply Chains

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Mining and Mineral Processing

Meat Processing

Key Contacts

Emma Trumper

Emma Trumper

Emma leads the team running the behind-the-scenes operations for our business services, consulting, and Research Businesses. She is experienced in leading teams face-to-face and remotely, has demonstrated experience in program delivery, budget and project management, and financial oversight. Emma works closely with the Systems Leadership Development Association providing support for their work.

Dr. Tamara Leahy

Dr. Tamara Leahy

Tamara helps companies access government funding to fast-track project development and growth. She has significant quantitative and qualitative research experience and demonstrated capabilities in project management, technical writing and business development. Tamara works in the Response Research team to support the development of research programs and new business opportunities.

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