Cyber Security Training
for Managers and Employees

Make your organisation smarter, secure and more resilient.

Cyber Security Training Infographic

Cybercrime is on the rise

Australian businesses reported more than $33 billion (AUD) of financial loss due to cybercrime last financial year according to the latest Annual Cyber Threat Report. With an alarming rate of one cybercrime report made every 7 minutes, it’s clear cyber-attacks are on the rise. And as technology changes, businesses must too.

Cyber Security Training Infographic

Protect your organisation from the cost of a cyber attack

Response Group offer much more than your traditional Cyber Security Training. We create customisable, flexible programs geared towards your organisation’s exact needs and profile.

Our Cyber Security Training for managers and employees includes:

  • Training tailored to each employee group based on their job role, language and learning needs
  • Awareness programs and security briefings specifically for manager, executive and board level
  • Both in-person classroom style training and integrated online training programs
  • Phishing awareness education and simulation that provides hands-on practice and strengthens learnings
  • Specialist individual cyber training modules covering social media, device security and human behaviour.

Training developed by a leading cyber security analyst

Our cyber security training is developed by a true expert in the field. Lawrence has over sixteen years experience working in both the UK Military and Intelligence Community. While working for the UK Government, he was responsible for protecting the country by disrupting terrorist attacks and preventing espionage activities being carried out. Working alongside other 5 EYES partners, Lawrence gained vast experience with data privacy, compliance regulations and global data standards. Lawrence’s expertise extends both domestically and internationally, and across the Public and Private sectors.

Meet Lawrence

Not everything can be taught by a computer

Cyber security training is important enough to invest in face-to-face, expert-led training.

Most cyber security training is generic, tick-the-box online training where an employee flicks through screens quickly without taking much in. At Response Group, we take a different approach. We put a greater emphasis on engagement by offering targeted classroom style learning led by an expert. This maximises results and ensures your employees truly understand their role in helping to combat cyber-threats.

About Response Group

Response Group is well known for its high-quality training. From in-house short courses to full qualifications; we have been designing, developing and delivering training through our two registered training organisations (RTO’s) for over 20 years. Combining the power of our expert staff, we can continue to upskill your employees and management to help meet your growing regulatory, industry and leadership requirements. This elevates us from trainers to trusted long-term partners.

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