Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality, also known as MR, is a convergence between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, where you can interact with both real and virtual subjects (people) and objects or items.

Mixed reality sits in the middle of the spectrum between a completely immersive digital experience of virtual reality and the real physical world in which we live.

It enables you to see and immerse yourself in the physical world around you whilst seeing and interacting with digitally generated objects or information, effectively having one foot (or hand) in the real world and the other in an imaginary, or digital, place.

A key benefit of mixed reality for training, is its ability to enable a student to see, touch, and interact with both physical and digital objects or scenarios in a safe and cost-effective manner.

For example, a student can be physically located in a factory, and using a wearable headset, such as a the RealWear Navigator 500, move around the factory and be shown information digitally such as the steps in how to operate a piece of equipment safely or stand on a production line next to a digital person undertaking a task and talking the student through the process, in a similar manner to having a trainer demonstrating and teaching the student a skill or range of skills.

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