VRTY is an organisation who have developed an interactive and highly scalable virtual reality and 3600 platform and technology designed specifically to enhance traditional online training or eLearning.

Our Optivly team are VRTY partners and use the VRTY technology to develop highly engaging and interactive training.

One of the benefits of the VRTY technology is its ability to allow a student to view and interact with a 3600 environment with or without the use of a VR headset.

For example, you could develop a comprehensive induction program designed to teach new staff about your operational facilities and allow them to virtually see, interact and learn about key aspects of their working environment prior to them commencing.

This program can be delivered online, providing the new staff member with a 3600 view of your facilities and enable them to see and learn, for example, a production line, and be able to interact with key components or information so they become familiar with both the equipment, and the operating process.

To check the new staff member’s knowledge, a quiz or assessment can be added to the program enabling you to be confident of the new staff’s skill or knowledge prior to their commencement.

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