We provide a wide range of courses for several industries, including specialised courses to meet regulatory or industry accreditation requirements in addition to developing and delivering customised leadership and management programs. 

The courses we provide are a combination of both non-accredited programs designed and developed to meet industry and business needs, and Nationally Accredited Skill Sets delivered by one or both of our Registered Training Oganisations (RTOs):

Our courses have been developed with a deep understanding of both the industry needs in addition to the requirements of developing highly competent and effective individuals at all levels of your organisation.

Through ongoing feedback based on the outcomes of our Research, and Organisational Development Consulting, we’re able to develop a range of courses that are either tailor designed to meet a specific organisational need, or capable of being developed to meet the national accreditation standards to provide your team with access to a nationally recognised skill set.

Industry specialisations and deep industry connections with both associations and organisations of varying sizes and locations ensure our courses continue to evolve with the needs of each sector.

Operating in sectors such as Meat Processing, Mining, Government, Finance and more recently Agriculture, provides access to a cross-section of organisational needs, which when combined with our ongoing research into the application of the latest technologies in training and development give our clients access to innovative and world-leading training solutions.

We provide access to a range of short courses in areas such as:

We also provide a range of non-accredited programs designed to meet the growing needs of your organisation’s team as they develop into managerial roles over time such as:

These are a sample of the courses and programs, non-accredited and nationally accredited, which we can offer your organisation and your people.

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