Platform as a Service (PAAS)

The market for online learning platforms continues to grow as more organisations recognise the value and importance of providing their teams and partners with ready access to a range of quality learning resources.

With such a substantial choice in platforms, the process of selection can be an extremely challenging, if not overwhelming one…we know, because we’ve been through it!

Our years of experience in working with these platforms, for both ourselves and our clients, led us to undertake an extensive evaluation of the range of platforms in the market using a series of ‘ranking criteria’ such as:

  • User friendly for staff and partners to maximise adoption
  • The level of Support provided – as in, ‘can I speak to a real person’ type of support.
  • Level of flexibility that supports all types of learning modes (blended, self-paced, instructor led)
  • Access anywhere capability including via a mobile app
  • Support for global standards such as SCORM and Common Cartridge
  • Open platform supporting integrations such as APIs and LTI
  • A large install-base and global user community driving continuous improvement of the platform

The analysis clearly indicated the highest ranked platform was Canvas with an incredible 30 million users and still growing.

Based on this knowledge, and rapid accumulation of experience working with Canvas, we’ve been able to develop a highly unique offering for organisations of all sizes and across multiple industries.

If your organisation is looking for a robust online learning platform that can carry your branding, is user friendly, designed for easy access to highly engaging content from a range of sources, which is adaptable, open to integrating with numerous systems, and can be easily deployed and administered, then you should find out more about our Platform as a Service offering from our Optivly team.

Find out how our team at Optivly are providing a growing number of clients an end-to-end hosted and managed online learning platform that will save you time and money.

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