Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is a highly visual and interactive method to present digital information within the context of the physical environment.

It enables information in a digital format to overlay, for example, a physical object so you can obtain information to assist in a variety of ways.

AR requires you to use a digital device such as a smartphone, tablet or wearable device, and based on the positioning of the device you see additional digitally generated information.

An example of augmented reality would be using the camera on your smartphone, pointing it towards an object such as a piece of equipment on a production line and then been provided with information digitally about that equipment which can assist in its operation, service, or maintenance.

Our team at Optivly use various augmented reality technologies and techniques to aid in the process of several applications for business including training.

One of the many training benefits of augmented reality is that it enables a student to learn how to carry out a task by following instructions provided to them visually or via sound.

Your team members, for example, could be trained in the use of a piece of equipment, how to identify and fix a fault, or to learn a process by following a digital checklist or instructions when carrying out a task.

You could even have a team member using either a smartphone or wearable device, who is in your office or factory receiving verbal or visual instructions from a trainer or supervisor located in another building, city, state or even country.

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