Organisational Structure

Businesses exist to provide goods and services. They do this by employing people to do work. This work needs to be organised in some way so that the organisation can meet its purpose and goals.

An organisation structure is a means of ordering the distribution of work (roles) and resources (including authority) so that all of the necessary gets work done (nothing falls between the cracks) and nothing is done that isn’t necessary (waste).

It is a major system (process) of the organisation and as such drives organisational culture.

The most efficient and effective organisation structure is one which matches the work which needs to be done to achieve the organisation’s objectives to the structure, on the basis of work complexity. Specifically:

  • It promotes clarity of work & expectations to support effective working relationships.
  • Allows people to understand how their work is aligned to a clear vision and mission, and how working together with others will deliver business objectives.
  • Accurately reflects the work being done at each level.
  • Makes the best use of people by ensuring every role adds value to the organisation.
  • Eliminates duplication of function & increases profitability by reducing waste / rework.

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